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Are you ready to Fast Track your Leadership journey?


We are really excited about Leaders in Fast Track (LiFT) is a one-year subscription providing access to our leadership development programs. The ability to continually acquire new skills and perform well through change gives leaders a competitive edge. Learning agility will be a highly sought-after skill for leaders and employees alike in the digital arena.

 With the LiFT program, you have the freedom to take whatever courses you wish at your own pace.

Accelerate your leadership skills with LiFT. Let Mind Associates be with you every step of the way.

LiFT will be launching in Spring 2018.


"Leaders in Fast Track has helped to progress my career and challenged me to go out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals. The course is well designed and delivered with great enthusiasm. The seminar sessions are interactive and packed with great content. The range of topics throughout the year have energized me to improve my performance, set challenging goals and broaden my skill set to develop into a modern leader within the business. "

Chris Dixon
Santander Bank, United Kingdom


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