Success at Interview Course


Landing that promotion despite all of the competition can be tough. In addition to lengthy interviews, promotion process can now include situational judgements tests, briefing exercises, and presentations. Rigorous preparation for each stage of your interview is the key to success. That’s where Mind Associates comes in. We are passionate about getting you promoted. Your success is our success.

If you sign up for Success at Interview  course right now and you'll get:

  • Five Modules - covering the following; 
    • Understand the competency interview process and how best to prepare

    • Identify categories of questions and how to best structure your response

    • Know how to check for clarity, conciseness, level, and flow

    • Improve your verbal and physical language

    • Learn to deliver a persuasive presentation

  • Learn at your own pace and this program is available on all devices.
  • Exclusive Online Support group where you can share your learning and ask questions to the group and to Mary 

Who should attend?

  • Police officers seeking promotion


"I availed of several group sessions with Mary and also undertook the success at interview course. The knowledge and insights Mary has for the organisational culture and challenges going forward played a key part for me. She challenged me to elevate my thinking to a more strategic outlook. Without the guidance from Mary I wouldn’t have passed my process. "

What are Clients Say
Police Officer Recently Promoted

"She is personable, forthright, and on top of her game. I wouldn't have passed my process without her. "

What Clients Say
Chief Inspector, Male, Police Service Northern Ireland.

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